Maricela Tovar

Dance Instructors

I got certified as a Zumba instructor in February 2012 and Zumbatomic instructor April 2012. I was born and raised in the beautiful country of Mexico. Zumba for me started when I decided to be in better health condition. I discovered that Zumba is a great way to relax, and be very motivated for my goals but I have two kids and I feel like they need to start to be motivated too. I came to the conclusion that if doing Zumba helped me that there should be a class for not only my children but for other kids around. My Zumbatomic class is based on changing a kid’s life through confidence boost, self-esteem increase, FUN, and healthier living. Zumba teaches kids new rhythms, ways of dancing, music styles and cultures. It also helps them develop leadership skills, individuality, creativity, respect, teamwork, pride, responsibility, and they create friendships with other kids in the class. Zumbatomic for kids is all fun and grownups is to have fun and relieve stress to get away from the daily routine but my motto is NO PAIN, NO GAIN and it’s the right way to get in shape!