Lily Lopez

Zumba Instructor

I got certified as a Zumba instructor in October 2012 and I did thanks to all the support that I received from my Instructor and from Anaheim Zumba Studio. I’m from Guanajuato Mexico. I love to dance since I was little and I’m Folk dancer too. Zumba changed my life 100%. It’s been the best medicine for my body and the best way to fight against stress. A couple years ago I was very sick and unable to move now I’m so grateful of having another opportunity to enjoy life and my commitment now is to try to help People to feel healthy and relieve stress. My class is a 100% Latin and there is a lot to improve, however I really enjoy giving classes. Zumba is making me feel and look better but the most important thing is that thanks to Zumba I’m getting great friendships. Life is short and we don’t know when it can be change for any situation that’s why if we have the opportunity now to make a difference in our life,body and confidence, let’s make it happen. We can do it together!!!